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Your Subconscious Is Undermining You All Day Long. . . .

When it comes to sheer neurological processing abilities, the subconscious mind is millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind.  If the desires of the conscious mind conflict with the programs of the subconscious mind, which "mind" do you think will win out?  You can repeat the positive affirmation that you are lovable over and over or that your cancer tumor will shrink.  But if, as a child, you heard over and over that you are worthless and sickly, those messages programmed in your subconscious mind will undermine your best conscious efforts to change your life.    ~   Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. / The Biology of Belief

 IMAGINE How AMAZING YOUR Life Would be if YOUR Subconscious & Conscious Minds were



Trauma is toxic stress frozen into place in our brains and bodies, where it reverberates chemically, and generating tiny pathologic shifts in immune and endocrine functions.

Trauma tends to be stored in the brain not primarily as a conscious, rational memory, but rather as a ‘feeling’ memory stored in subconscious memory.  These subconscious memories may surface later in life in the form of physical symptoms that seem to have no apparent cause, such as chronic pain and headache.

This subconscious trauma produces negative emotions and these negative emotions can trigger immune responses similar to those generated by invading germs or bacteria.  Emotions such as fear, anger, grief, shame and chronic frustration can stimulate an all-out immune defense with the same cascade of internal responses that the body deploys against physical pathogens. These chronically over stimulated immune responses can also cause the immune system to attack the organs, causing autoimmune diseases like lupus and psoriasis, or they may catalyze inflammation at various sites in the body, resulting in conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or irritable bowel syndrome.  ~ Robin Karr-Morse / Scared Sick

How are YOUR Subconscious Patterns



when these NEGATIVE EMOTIONS were RELEASED . . . .!  


. . . . The physical self is a vehicle for the subconscious expression of emotions that at one point you didn't have the ability to express.  Rather than being victimized by the body, be aware that discomfort, numbness, fatigue and pain are the first steps toward bridging the gap between conscious and subconscious minds.  Once they're bridged, healing and wholeness are natural by-products.   ~  Dr. Darren Weissman / Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind


How are YOUR Subconscious Beliefs

KEEPING YOU from LIVING THE LIFE YOU DESIRE (think Procrastination, Overwhelm, Fatigue)?  

IMAGINE how different YOUR LIFE COULD BE if you could




I Can Help!

As your Inner Awareness Coach, my role is to help you identify the blocks that are keeping you stuck in unfullfiling relationshipsnever achieving the success you dream of, trudging through life in a fatigued, depressed, unhealthy body -


Enabling you to make lasting change in your life.

Once you understand that the only thing standing between you and the life you want to live is the way you think , the rest is easy

Why you're having trouble moving forward:

  • Unintentional Patterns:  keeping you in the grip of incessantly doing what you've always done
  • Habitual Resistance:  perpetuating the on-going cycle of your patterns and sabotaging all attempts at change
  • Cross-Purposes:   Part of you wants to change, a bigger part of you wants everything to stay the same 

What you can expect from working with me:

  • Identify the Patterns that are holding you back
  • Remove Resistance these Patterns generate
  • Align all of you to the same Purpose to propel you forward towards your goals

If you are ready to do things you've never done before, if you're ready to think about things in ways you've never thought about them before, if you're ready to get results you never thought possible, if you're ready to make a change and live the life of your dreams, then

Let's Get Started!

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Memories are only memories to the conscious mind.  To the subconscious, they are current events  ~

Robin Karr-Morse   Scared Sick

There is energy and life in feelings.  The energy doesn't simply go away because  these feelings are denied or stuffed down.   On the contrary, the bottled up energy  turns rancid and becomes  pain, depression or disease.   ~   Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D The Power of the Other Hand


It's No Wonder You're Not Making Progress ~